Natural Resources Department

There are four main components of the Natural Resources Program, which consist of (in no particular order):

  • Forestry
  • Fire/Fuels
  • Agricultural
  • Fisheries/Wildlife.

It is our overall goal to maintain and protect our Natural Resources,
be good stewards of the land, and maintain cultural and spiritual well-being with the land.

Location & Hours

NRD is located at 77600 Covelo Road, Covelo, CA
on the Round Valley Indian Reservation.

NRD is open Monday thru Friday:
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.and is closed for Holidays & Tribal Administrative Leave.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (707) 983-8341
Fax: (707) 983-8342

Program Information

The Natural Resources Department also employs up to ten temporary employees during the year.

Currently, new positions were hired for the Fire Prevention Program, Fuels Program and Agriculture Program.

Wood Cutting Permits are required on the Round Valley Indian Reservation. A wood cutting permit may be obtained at the Natural Resources Department during office hours. Wood cut by Tribal Members on Reservation Land is for personal use only and not to be sold.

Burn Permits will also be enforced, please contact the Fire Prevention Technicians for more information.

Natural Resources Staff

Toni Bettega


Kathleen Willits


Fire Prevention Staff

Joseph Parker

Fire Prevention Tech I

Conservation Law Enforcement Staff

Robbert Whipple

Conservation Law Enforcement Officer

Last modified: July 11 2018.