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The RVIT Tribal Council is adhering to the State, County and Federal Health department guidelines. Masks and Social Distancing are required for in-person meeting attendees

Monthly Meeting Postponed 2.19.22

Monthly meeting scheduled for 2.19.22, has been postponed until further notice.

Education Community Meeting

Education/School District Meeting

RVIT Tribal Council will meet with the Round Valley Indian Tribes Community on Wednesday the 16th @ 6 P.M.

Please bring all questions and matters pertaining to the education of Round Valley Indian Tribes student citizens for an open discussion with the Tribal Council.

Yuki Committee Recruitment Notice

A Message From The President



Election results from 07 December 2021

Randall Britton -134

Joseph Parker -121

Neil Britton Sr. -111

Carlino Bettega -90

Susanne Henao -72

Nikcole Whipple -43


Happy Veterans Day from RVIT 11/11/2021

The New York Times Discusses Name Change of Hastings Law School Because of Round Valley Indian Tribes

The New York Times Published 10.27.21

"Now, both the law school and its critics agree that Mr. Hastings “bears significant responsibility” for the massacres, in the words of the Hastings inquiry, but they disagree on what to do about it, including the question of whether the school should retain its name.

At a time when institutions across the country are re-examining their history, Native leaders in California say a broad reckoning over the treatment of American Indians is overdue. The longstanding notion that they died as an accidental consequence of Western settlement, of disease and displacement, they argue, needs to be revised with acknowledgment of the purposeful killing campaigns."

TERO Public Meeting

Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO)

Indian preference is a unique legal right that tribal members have that entitles them to first consideration to all employment, training, contracting and subcontracting and business opportunities that exist on and in some cases near reservations.


  • SETS CONDITIONS: Mandates the tribal requirements for Indian preference that all covered employers must comply with in order to be eligible to perform work on reservations.
  • ESTABLISHES AUTHORITY: Empowers the TERO Commission and Staff with sufficient authority to fully enforce all provisions of TERO ordinance.
  • ASSIGNS RESPONSIBILITY: Defines and describes the duties and responsibilities of TERO staff and commission.
  • DELINEATES PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS: Clearly spells out penalties employers may face for violations of tribal law.
  • PROVIDES DUE PROCESS: It provides principles of legal fairness to all parties involved in compliance or violation dispute issue.

Wednesday, October 27th at 6pm, RVIT will host its first public meeting for TERO in the Buffalo Room at 77826 Covelo Rd., Covelo, CA, 95428.

Yuki Committee Meets with Hastings Law School

Yuki Committee Tours Hastings Law School in San Francisco

RVIT's Tribal Council sanctioned a committee comprised of Yuki tribal members whom, in August, toured the Hastings Law School campus in San Francisco hosted gratuitous by Chancellor and Dean, David Faigman, of Hastings.

This effort is one of many most recent by Hastings Law School as a response to the historical genocidal expeditions by its name's sake, Serranus Hastings, who promoted and financed the murderous expeditions over 150 years ago.

Hastings lead the efforts against the Yuki people and multiple other regional tribes, profiting greatly from the displacement of the Indigenous people in northern California. Today, the Yuki are federally recognized along with the Wailacki, Nomlacki, Pitriver, Concow, and Pomo in a confederation respectively known as Round Valley Indian Tribes who presently reside on the Round Valley Indian Reservation in Covelo, California.

Hastings initiated the reconciliation effort with RVIT and the Yuki people in most recent times and are actively working to enhance their relationship with the tribe in hopes of inspiring joint ventures, partnerships, and friendship with the tribe.

Pictured: Chancellor and Dean, David Faigman; Associate Chancellor, Jenny Kwon; and members of RVIT's Yuki Committee.

Request for Absentee Ballot

Available for Immediate Request

Vacant Tribal Council Position Special Election

Absentee Ballot

* Request form F-2: Request for Absentee Ballot, You may make you request for this form in writing, calling, and/or downloading the form.

*Each qualified voter shall request a form.

* All absentee ballots must be received by the Election Board no later than the day of the election, Dec. 7th, 2021.

Mail to: Election Board

            Round Valley Indian Tribes

             77826 Covelo Rd.

             Covelo, CA 95428

Phone: (707) 983-6126

Fax:      (707) 983-6128




Indian Community Development Block Grant - ARPA

Indian Community Development Block Grant - ARPA

Indian Community Development Block Grant - ARPA

Request for Comments from Tribal Members



Mask Mandates 

RVIT is fully enforcing the Mendocino County Mask Mandates. Masks must be worn in all Tribal Program Offices. Tribal Programs may be implementing stricter precautions depending on the client population. Our goal is to keep our staff and community as safe as possible. Please adhere to all safety precautions being implemented by each Tribal Program. 

Indian Day Celebration and Ceremony - September 25th & 26th 2021 

As of today this event is still being planned. It is greatly down-scaled and there will be no carnival, poker tournament or indoor dining for the Sunday morning breakfast. Outdoor activities are still being planned. Hopefully we will be back to normal in 2022 and can have the full range of events. Outdoor activities still being planned are the co-ed softball tournament, Traditional Dancing in the dance arbor, western playday on Sunday. All of these events may be subject to cancellation depending on the active COVID-19 cases the week prior to the event. The RVIHC Health Fair is cancelled. 

COVID-19 Vaccines 

Vaccines to prevent the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant are available every Friday at the RVIHC. No appt is necessary - this is a drive thru event. If you haven’t previously done so, please consider getting vaccinated as soon as possible. Our Tribe is currently battling a large surge of COVID cases. 

Everyone must play a part to get through this latest surge and prevent future outbreaks. Please avoid large gatherings and wear a mask in public. Other vaccination clinics are being held by Mendocino County. RVIHC will promote and announce the Mendo County Clinics. 


State of Emergency - COVID-19




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Job Announcements

The following are job listings for the various Tribal Organizations, Businesses and Departments (listed here for convenience, for detailed information please contact the relevant Organization, Business or Department).

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Hidden Oaks Casino

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Enrolled Tribal Member Certification 3540

Fill out the Enrolled Tribal Member Certification form and mail it with your taxes to prove to the state that you're an enrolled Tribal Member and may be exempt from (CA) State Taxes