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Early Childhood Education Food Service Manager

Posting Date: 4/12/2023

DEPARTMENT: Early Childhood Education Program
SHIFT: Full time, 40 hours per week
Generatl Duties And Responsibilities

Supervise production, preparation, and service of meals in accordance with established USDA standards of nutrition, health and sanitation. Collaborate with Licensed Nutrition Consultant to plan meals and snacks for Head Start, Child Care students, parents and instructors. Perform administrative tasks in support of the food preparation process, including documentation maintenance of records.


Supervision and Training:
  • Supervise all kitchen staff and volunteers and ensure that all kitchen regulation are properly trained in food service, health/safety and sanitation;
  • Hold kitchen staff meetings as needed;
  • Attend meetings of site staff;
  • Plan routine cleaning and maintenance schedules for the main kitchen and kitchen equipment;
  • Assign and verify weekly inventory of food and supplies;
  • Ensure that safety, sanitation and health standards are met;
  • Collaborate with Health and Nutrition Consultants in the provision of nutrition education for parents, teachers and other staff;
  • Work with a registered dietician in the development of monthly menu's that meet the daily minimum requirements of the USDA;

Administration & Documentation:

  • Request and evaluate bids from various food vendors in compliance with Performance Standards
  • Develop and monitor contracts with vendors.
  • Verify vendor orders and reconcile invoices with billing statements, insuring accuracy in deliveries, quantities and prices;
  • Analyze food budget monthly and initiate cost controls as appropriate; Sanitation inspections;
  • Daily menu production records and delivery checklists;
  • Collect and calculate claims for monthly reimbursement;
  • Process requests and written orders for food, equipment, and supplies from classroom sites;
  • Maintain records of monthly meal census, expenditures, and labor cost;
  • Maintain records of food and supply purchases as may be required by funding agencies;
  • Attend pertinent meetings and trainings;
  • Write grants, CNIPS Application;
Meal Planning & Misc.:
  • Supervise staff and provide training in proper food service, health/safety, and sanitation in industry procedures;
  • Responsible for daily maintenance and operation of Kitchen and food storage area;
  • Responsible for preparation of meals in accordance with program regulations;
  • Produce menus, including nutrition information;
  • Development of recipes to accommodate special diets and monitor individual children's needs and likes, request likes and dislikes information from Family Partner, parent application;
  • Ensure completion of all relevant USDA/CACFP forms (income statements, special diet documentation, summary reports) and application;
  • Maintain and follow quality and cost-control recipes;
  • Order, secure, maintain and inventory necessary food and supplies;
  • Set production schedule and prepare food and/or supervise daily kitchen operation;
  • Attend meetings and trainings as required, including an annual board presentation of USDA budget;
  • Other duties as assigned;
  • Minimum two years experience in supervision of a large scale food production operation meeting USDA Child Care Food Program (CCFP) standards, including hiring, supervision and training experience;
  • Highly desire minimum Associate Degree and/or Certification in Food Service Management, preferred a related Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Studies with a emphasis in Child Development and Food Services;
  • Two year's work experience in Food Service field, and willingness to become certified in Food Services and/or with the goal of a Bachelor's Degree in relative field;
  • General math and clerical/bookkeeping skills related to invoicing, receiving and administration of other food service/production documentation;
  • General computer and keyboarding skills are recommended, (word processing, data entry, spreadsheets etc.);
  • Knowledge and experience with bulk food purchasing, large quantity food preparation and operation of food service equipment;
  • Knowledge in menu planning including meeting needs of diverse populations and special diets.
  • Knowledge of sanitation and health standards required in a large-scale food preparation environment;
  • Experience in training development and presentations to large groups;
  • Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines essential;
  • Organizational and verbal/written communication skills;
  • Have a valid California Driver's License, current CPR/First Aid certification and current Food Handler's Card or willing to certify within 90 days a written extension request to the Parent Policy Committee (PPC);
Physical/Mental Abilities and Processes:
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment and decision making with regards to staff supervision and the daily operation of a large scale food production program;
  • Frequent repetitive motion with hands; use of computer keyboard, telephone, filing and in food preparation activities;
  • High level of accuracy and attention to details of forms and record keeping;
  • Frequent standing and walking (average 10' - 15') in kitchen areas and classroom;
  • Occasional bending and lifting (average 20 times per day) of bulk foods, food bins and hot food caddies: bulk food items are lifted from the floor and weigh 10-50 lbs. each, food bins weigh 30 - 70 lbs., are lifted from floor and work tables and loaded into vans.
  • Occasional crouching to retrieve items from lower shelves. Regular reaching occurs to retrieve utensils and food items from storage shelves and cupboards up to 8' high
Position Information:
  • Immediate supervision by Head Start Director/Childcare Coordinator;
  • ALL communications are potentially sensitive and subject to Head Starts/Childcare policy on Confidentiality;
Indian Preference:

Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian PreferenceAct (title 25, US Code, Section 472 and 473). In other than the above, the Round Valley Indian Tribes is an equal opportunity employer.


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