Regular Season Schedule  Printable Schedule (updated 8/3/2015) - A PDF reader such as Adobe Reader is required to read the document..

Tuesday, June 23rd5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Mini-Hard Hitters
 6:45PM Warriors vs. Blue Hawks
Thursday, June 25th5:30PMDemolishers vs. Rez Ballerz
 6:45PMBahang vs. Up and Coming

Tuesday, June 30th5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Warriors
 6:45PMDemolishers vs. Mini-Hard Hitters
Thursday, July 2nd5:30PMBahang vs. Blue Hawks
(Rescheduled to 8/10)6:45PMUp and Coming vs. Rez Ballerz

Tuesday, July 8th5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Demolishers
 6:45PMBahang vs. Warriors
Thursday, July 9th5:30PMUp and Coming vs. Mini-Hard Hitters
 6:45PMRez Ballerz vs. Blue Hawks

Tuesday, July 14th5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Bahang
 6:45PMUp and Coming vs. Demolishers
Thursday, July 16th5:30PMRez Ballerz vs. Warriors
 6:45PMBlue Hawks vs. Mini-Hard Hitters

Tuesday, July 21st5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Up and Coming
 6:45PMRez Ballerz vs. Bahang
Thursday, July 23rd5:30PMBlue Hawks vs. Demolishers
 6:45PMMini-Hard Hitters vs. Warriors

Tuesday, July 28th5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Rez Ballerz
 6:45PMBlue Hawks vs. Up and Coming
Thursday, July 30th5:30PMMini-Hard Hitters vs. Bahang
 6:45PMWarriors vs. Demolishers

Tuesday, August 4th5:30PMR.V. Savages vs. Blue Hawks
 6:45PMMini-Hard Hitters vs. Rez Ballerz
Thursday, August 6th5:30PMWarriors vs. Up and Coming
 6:45PMDemolishers vs. Bahang

Monday, August 10th5:30PMBahang vs. Blue Hawks
(Rescheduled from 7/2)6:45PMUp and Coming vs. Rez Ballerz
Tuesday, August 11th5:30PMUp and Coming vs. Mini-Hard Hitters
(Rescheduled from 7/9)6:45PMRez Ballerz vs. Blue Hawks
Thursday, August 13th5:30PMMini-Hard Hitters vs. Bahang
(Rescheduled from 7/30)6:45PMWarriors vs. Demolishers

Playoff Schedule (Single elimination, seeded)

Monday, August 17th5:30PMSeed 1 vs. Seed 8 (Game 1)
 6:45PMSeed 4 vs. Seed 5 (Game 2)
Tuesday, August 18th5:30PMSeed 3 vs. Seed 6 (Game 3)
 6:45PMSeed 2 vs. Seed 7 (Game 4)
Wednesday, August 19th5:30PMWinner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 (Game 5)
 6:45PMWinner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4 (Game 6)
Thursday, August 20th5:30PMWinner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6 (Championship)
 6:45PMEnd of Season BBQ & Awards

All games played at Hidden Oaks Park – No Drugs or Alcohol Allowed.

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