Tribal Administration


The Round Valley Tribal Administration is responsible for implementing Tribal policy throughout the various Tribal departments and programs in accordance with the Tribal Constitution & Governing documents. The Executive Administrative team is overseen by the Tribal President and Executive Members of the Tribal Council. With assistance from the Tribal Business Administrator and Fiscal Controller, the Administration is responsible for the management of the Tribal operating budget and all necessary functions of the Tribal Government.

Tribal Administration also provides necessary services to conduct tribal business which includes accounting and budgetary information for tribal government, record keeping, Tribal enrollment/member services, communications, asset management, personnel management and grant writing for Tribal development.


The Tribal Administration is located at 77826 Covelo Road, Covelo, CA on the Round Valley Indian Reservation.


The Administration is open Monday thru Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. and is closed for Holidays & Tribal Administrative Leave.


Main Phone Number: (707) 983-6126

Secondary Phone: (707) 983-6127

Fax: (707) 983-6128

Administration Staff

Robert Ottone

Tribal Business Administrator

Extension: 102

Alberta Azbill

Executive Secretary

Extension: 101

Marline Fulwider

Personnel Director

Extension: 103

Mary Long

Enrollment Clerk

Extension: 104

Kathleen Willits

Programs Manager

Extension: 105

Erikah Mitchell

Tribal Receptionist

Extension: 100

Keith Ray


Linda 'Susie' Short


Fiscal Staff

Darlene Crabtree

Fiscal Controller

Extension: 114

Sonjia Johnson

Fiscal Programs Manager

Extension: 109

Surinda Gonzales

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Extension: 111

Teresa Merrifield

TANF Fiscal Clerk

Extension: 112

Heather Downey

Accounts Payable

Extension: 113


Fiscal Clerical Assistant

Extension: 110