Round Valley Indian Tribes Mission Statement

  • To promote the social and economic welfare of the members of the Tribe;
  • Protect the rights of our members;
  • Protect our land, timber, fish, wildlife, water and natural resources;
  • Preserve and protect our heritage including our cultural values and traditions, build a stronger tribal government;
  • Promote honor, dignity and respect among the Tribe;
  • Acquire additional lands for the benefit of the Tribe and its members, promote tribal business and enterprises;
  • Preserve, secure and exercise all the inherent sovereign rights and powers of an Indian Tribe.

Upcoming Scheduled Tribal Council Meetings

July Regular Monthly Council Meeting

The July Regular Council Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 9th. The meeting is scheduled to start at 9 A.M. Please note, time and date subject to change.


Foster Grandparents Program

RVIT Foster Grandparents Logo

Round Valley Indian Tribes is proud to announce the Foster Grandparents Website. It is now live and has all the information that you need to learn about what it is and how it will help our community. Please follow this link to view the website, or click on "Programs -> Foster Grandparents Program" in the navigation menu.

EPA Newsletter: Winter 2016

Please see the EPA program page for the Winter 2016 newsletter. EPA Program page

Cobell Buy-Back Program

Please see the following website regarding information on the Cobell Buy-Back Program: Cobell

Keep an eye on the website, as it has lists of upcoming workshops and more detailed information about the Buy-Back program, as well as contact information and anything else that is relevant to the program.

Remembering Councilwoman Rebecca Duncan

The Tribal Council is deeply saddened to announce that Councilwoman Mrs. Rebecca Duncan passed away early Sunday morning (03/08/2015). She will be remembered as a compassionate leader and child advocate.

We are thankful for her dedication and service to our community.

Tribal Court

Please check the following for court dockets: Court Dockets, Updated for Tuesday, April 26th, 2016.

Last modified: June 18 2016.