Round Valley Indian Tribes

A Sovereign Nation of Confederated Tribes
Tribal Territory Since Time Began

Round Valley Indian Tribes Mission Statement

  • To promote the social and economic welfare of the members of the Tribe;
  • Protect the rights of our members;
  • Protect our land, timber, fish, wildlife, water and natural resources;
  • Preserve and protect our heritage including our cultural values and traditions, build a stronger tribal government;
  • Promote honor, dignity and respect among the Tribe;
  • Acquire additional lands for the benefit of the Tribe and its members, promote tribal business and enterprises;
  • Preserve, secure and exercise all the inherent sovereign rights and powers of an Indian Tribe.

Public Notice

The Round Valley Indian Tribes is hosting a community-wide event (everyone welcome) at the Round Valley Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room/Cafeteria regarding the Bio-Mass Fuels Power Plant project. The event will start at 11 AM and go until about 1 PM on Saturday January 24th, 2015. Please see the following page for more information: Bio-Mass Fuels Power Plant Project.

Please check the following for court dockets: Court Dockets, Updated for Thursday, January 15th, 2015.

Last modified: January 26 2015.